Tsinghua-TI Future Robots Work Team set up in DA

The inaugural meeting of “Tsinghua - Texas Instruments (TI) Future Intelligent Robots" work team was held in Central Main Building 511, Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, on April 10.

Sponsored by Department of Automation, Tsinghua University Committee of Youth League, and Texas Instruments (TI), the establishment of “Tsinghua-TI Future Intelligent Robots” work team will provide a platform for the students who are interested in the development of future intelligent robot and the research of multi-agent collaboration technology.

Shi Zongkai, Vice Chairpersons of Tsinghua University Council, and Xie Bing, President of Texas Instruments (TI) China unveiled together for the work team. Li Deyi, CAE Member and the team advisor, coaching teachers and students from several departments, participated in the inaugural meeting as well.

Shi Zongkai said that the work team, co-supported by Tsinghua University and the leading enterprise in the industry, should aim to stimulate students' creativity, and train talents that can undertake and achieve in the future. He stressed that students are the main body of the team while teachers are their examples and goals. He also encouraged the students to imagine, to have fun, and to explore their potentials.

Xie Bing said that, collaborated with Tsinghua’s faculty, TI is willing to build a platform to improve the innovation ability of students, to help make the students’ creative ideas into reality, and to help them pursue their dreams and future.

“Tsinghua-TI Future Intelligent Robots” work team has recruited 34 students from the Departments of Automation, Precision Instruments, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Engineering Physic, and Automotive Engineering in its first batch. The team members introduced the projects currently being developed and sent  letters of appointment to the coaching teachers.