Kick-Off Meeting Held for New Joint Research Center

    The kick-off meeting of Tsinghua - Surekam Joint Research Center on Enterprise Integrated Information System was held in Room 610, Central Main Building, Tsinghua University on Dec 27, 2012.

    The center will meet the application needs of the integrated enterprise information systems and organize the R&D strength of DA of Tsinghua University and Surekam Co., Ltd to carry out some leading research work in enterprise integration, enterprise modeling, process management and overall information-based solutions. The work will help DA improve the research level in the field and the discipline advantage as well, and also promote the development in the discipline direction of enterprise information engineering.

    Through the R&D of related software tools and implementation methods, along with the application of results on enterprise practice, the center will strive to undertake major national scientific and technological projects, and also strive to play an important role of technical support and comprehensive consulting on the construction and management of information systems of large state-owned enterprise. Professor Wu Cheng, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, serves as the director of the administrative board of the center. Professor Fan Yushun serves as the director of the center.

    Relevant persons in charge of Department of Automation, Organization Office of Scientific Research Institutes, Tsinghua University, State CIMS Engineering Research Center, and Surekam Co., Ltd., attended the kick-off meeting.