Professor Chen Tongwen, alumnus of our department was elected to Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering

Chen Tongwen, alumnus of Department of Automation was one of the 47 new members in the list of The Canadian Academy of Engineering.

Chen Tongwen graduated from Department of Automation of Tsinghua University in 1984. As the tenured professor of the University of Alberta, in Canada, he earned his masters and PhD degrees in the Department of Electronic Engineering of the university of Toronto, Canada in 1988 and 1991 respectively. Chen Tongwen was elected to Academician of the IEEE Fellow of US in the end of 2005, and was elected to Academician of Engineering institute of Canada (EIC) in the beginning of 2009. His field of research relates to Computer control and application, digital control and multirate speed control, the theory based on network control, alarm monitoring and rationalization.