DA successfully hosted Intelligent Transportation Systems Forum between the University of California - Berkeley and Tsinghua University

On October 25, 2013, the annual academic exchange activities which theme is Better Transportation, Better Future between California PATH,U.C. Berkeley and Tsinghua University have been successfully held in the Building of Future Internet Technology.

The conference was organized by the research team of intelligent transportation Systems (ITS), Institute of System Engineering of the Department of Automation.  Team leader Professor Yi Zhang gave the welcome speech, and introduced the status of research on intelligent transportation of the Department Automation. The experts working in the research area of ITS from both sides attended this seminar and delivered several wonderful lectures. They are the director of PATH, Professor Roberto Horowitz, Professor Thomas West, Professor Wei-bin Zhou, Dr. Ching-Yao Chan and Dr. Kun Zhou from UC Berkeley PATH side and Professor Yi Zhang, Professor Danya Yao, Professor Zuo Zhang, Associate Professor Jianming Hu, Associate Professor Li Li, Associate Professor Xudong XIE and Dr. Xin Pei from Tsinghua side. During the seminar, both sides discussed some international hot issues including the transportation channel management, the transportation big data processing and applications, city transportation management, information services, intelligent vehicle infrastructure cooperation systems. After the seminar, the researchers of both sides also had a frankly and friendly communication about the continue cooperation on main direction, key areas, collaborative mode and projects.

The cooperation agreement between UC Berkeley PATH and the Department of Automation, Tsinghua University was signed in 2012. Both sides have reached broad consensus about academic exchange, united project application, personnel exchange and so forth. The workshop once a year is one of the important contents of cooperation.