DA won the Victory Cup in the Tsinghua Challenge Cup again

The opening and award ceremony of exhibition of 32nd Tsinghua Challenge Cup was held in the South Square of natatorium on April, 27, 2014. The students of Department of Automation won the Victory Cup with the second place total points, only 3 points behind the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Among all, the Intelligent Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure 3D Simulation System and the Bio-Inspired UAV Perching and Landing won the first prize. The Ball Actuated Robot – 2D Inverted Pendulum Modeling System, the "Rumor Pulverizer" in the New Network Media Environment and the VMV-Arm Operating System won the second prize, and the RosLink – programmable intelligent Internet of Things won the third prize.

The association of science and technology of DA and the "TI" – "Future Intelligent Robot" of Tsinghua (directed by DA) demonstrated the achievements of DA students in the joint exhibition area. Entities such as the Ball Actuated Robot, the Quadrotor Aircraft and software like the Intelligent Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure 3D Simulation System, which showed the originality and ability of DA students, attracted a lot of teachers, students and alumni.