DA students achieved a fourth consecutive title in Group A of Ma John Cup

On April 27th, 2014 afternoon, the 57th Tsinghua University Ma John Cup track and field games awarding and closing ceremony was held on the East Playground. Department of Automation scored 3254.5 points in total, leading the runner-up nearly 400 points, finally won the Ma John Cup championship gloriously. It brought our department a four consecutive championship.

In the Ma John Cup competition through the year, our department won the grand championship in postgraduate group both for men and women. In addition, we also achieved many awards, such as handball championship of Group A and B, tug of war championship of Group A and B, women's basketball championship of Group A, shuttle cock championship of Group A and so on. In the Track and Field Tournament, with our athletes’ courageously fighting, we won the men's 400 meters race, the men's 800 meters race, men's 4*400 relay race, women's high jump, triathlon champions. Finally we ranked the second place in track and field game.       

Ma John Cup represents the Tsinghua people's pursuit, that is, to work healthily for the nation over fifty years, which is the traditional sports and the spirit of Tsinghua University. In Ma John Cup, the fighting spirit of the automation athletes and their consistence to achieve outstanding performance, showed good sportsman spirit. Our department will still inherit the excellent traditional sports spirits.