Tsinghua University’s 488th Doctoral Forum Held Successfully

On May 13th and 14th of 2017, Tsinghua University’s 488th doctoral forum was successfully held in the eastern classroom and the third teaching building. The forum was run in the form of oral presentations, salon discussions, poster displays and laboratory visits to help academic communications, which achieved a great success.

Based on the Association of Automation Graduate Unions of China (AAGUC), the forum of this year set five subforums,  including pattern recognition and signal processing, computer vision and graphics, intelligent optimization and fault diagnosis, intelligent transportation and complex system modeling as well as bioinformatics. Having invited several tens of scholars from in and out of Tsinghua University, the forum received 91 papers, posted 28 academic posters and held 27 professional talks, attracting over 100 graduates with those coming from other universities and institutes. All the experts and students who participated introduced their own researches and had deep communications in latest achievements and future developments.

At the opening ceremony, Tao Zhang, the party secretary of Department of Automation in Tsinghua University, reviewed the history of doctoral forums and spoke highly of the enduring forums which now had a greater influence and offered a better platform for academic communication. Moreover, he encouraged the students to take the advantage of this platform and opportunity to communicate with others, expanding the horizon and sparking more academic ideas. Apart from study, Zhang also hoped that all the students would cherish the time to establish right views about academics, life, value and world.

At the section of theme report, Dr. Jing Zhang and Dr. Jianjiang Feng from Department of Automation in Tsinghua University did the academic reports in the theme of “experimental progress of quantum control machine in satellite core cavity system” and “progress in biometric identification” respectively. Moreover, Dr. Jian Sun from college of Automation in Beijing Institute of Technology held a talk on the theme of “network system analysis and application”. The students at present listened carefully and asked questions, having inspirations and learning a lot from interactions with experts above.

Students played the leading role in sections of oral presentations, salon discussions and poster displays, in which all the attendants sat in a circle to introduce their own academic researches and have discussions with a more straight and relaxing communication atmosphere.

At the closing ceremony, Dr. Shao Li from Department of Automation in Tsinghua University had a report the titled "explosion into the mysteries of the traditional Chinese medicine from the angle of network and system". Its demonstrated the application of system theory and cybernetics in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, making students realize the wide application of system theory and cybernetics in different fields.

Subsequently, Jin Gu, the vice party secretary of Department of Automation in Tsinghua University did the conference summary statement. Jin stressed that the department had an advantage on theory of system and application of intelligence and encouraged the students to enjoy the participation in the process of doctoral forum to feel the charm of academics in the communication and cooperation.

Two-day’s doctoral forum made a academic platform for students to communicate with people from different schools, different fields and different grades, in which students listened to reports of  research frontier in the field of automation, had a close contact with peers, not only broadening the vision but also having sparks in ideas. There is no doubting that the next time doctoral forum will have more and better academic achievements for  presentation and communication!