The University Center for Automation Laboratory of Tsinghua University

The University Center for Automation Laboratory of Tsinghua University, as a laboratory teaching entity under the management of both university and department, is a key base for fostering the talents at the Automation Discipline. In 2005, the Center was established on the basis of the former "Teaching Laboratory Center" and relevant specialized laboratories, so as to meet the demands from modern laboratory education reform and to improve the operational efficiency of laboratory resources. In 2007, the Center became the experimental teaching demonstration center in Beijing. So far, the Center boasts 18 full-time faculties & staffs and 18 part-time faculties as well as 12 laboratories, 1 multi-media room and 1 workshop. The usable area of laboratories accounts for around 1860 m2 and 1513 units of instruments are available; also, the fixed assets are over RMB 10 million.

The Center specializes in the "Fundamental Engineering Practice" and "Comprehensive Practice" in automation as well as the laboratory teaching for information and control courses in non-automation disciplines. 48 laboratory sessions are available in the center; also, around 220,000 person-hours are available annually for the educational laboratory and practice.

The Center positively introduces the high & new technology and equipment into the laboratory education, so as to support the comprehensive design and research-oriented experiments. Meanwhile, the teachers’ scientific research achievements have been transformed into the laboratory education resources. In addition, the Center spares no effort on the development of computer-aided experimental education and multi-media laboratory teaching courses, which are well adopted in the laboratory teaching. In recent years, our teachers participated in 5 educational reform programs at both state and provincial level as well as obtained one first prize and one second prizes for the educational achievements at state-level; over ten educational achievements at university-level; over twenty rewards for contribution of students' laboratory. Also, the first prize was awarded to the Center in such competitions as Siemens Challenge Cup National University Students' Process Control Simulation, RoboCup China Open and Freescale Cup Nationwide University Students’ Intelligent Car Invitational Tournament.

The Center establishes educational practice system to promote the students' practical ability and innovation ability and offers the educational practice environment with advanced equipment, resource sharing and open service. Meanwhile, a high quality laboratory teaching team is created and the high efficiency management mechanism is available, so that the automation laboratory education is enhanced to a higher level. In this case, the Center could be built into the base to foster the student's innovation awareness, innovation ability and frontier spirit.